Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recovering from a lost MASTER password

Recovering from a lost MASTER password

If you have lost the MASTER password for Maximizer, here’s how you can reset it. This procedure can also be helpful if the saved password gets corrupted and you receive a second login prompt each time you open the address book.

Launch SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server using Windows Authentication. (If you are running the Enterprise Edition of Maximizer and SQL Server Authentication is enabled then you could also connect as ‘sa’.)

Click on the New Query button to open the Query Window.

First, reset the password for the MASTER login, after each line click the execute button above the Query window to execute the command.


Next, remove the encrypted MASTER password that is stored in the database itself. Remember to change the database name in the USE statement to match the name of your address book database

USE EsconaTutorial
UPDATE dbo.ADMN_Users1 SET [Password]=''
WHERE Record_Id IN
(SELECT Record_Id FROM dbo.ADMN_Users

Now launch Maximizer and log into the address book as MASTER using CONTROL as the password. You will be presented with a dialog that says

Your Maximizer user password seems to be different from your SQL login password. Therefore you will be asked for your Maximizer user password now.

At the second login dialog, just leave the password empty and click “OK”. Once in Maximizer, choose

Setup > Manage Users

select the MASTER user and click the “Password…” button. In the Password dialog, leave the “Old password” box empty and enter a new password into “New password” and “Confirm password”. If you are prompted to change the password in all other Maximizer databases, click “Yes”.

Maximizer will close the address book after the password change is complete. Now re-open the address book as MASTER using the new password.